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My name's Lawrence Atanacio. Born in the Philippines, raised in Hawaii (Kapolei) and Southern Cali (Harbor City). I like to find ways to better myself in any aspect on the daily. I believe in reasoning life with questions; not 'why', but 'why not?'. Blah blah blah, i'm your very typical kid. But if you wanna get to know me, ask me questions, anonymous or not and i'll most likely answer.

I made this tumblr to express myself, whether in the form of rants, quotes, music or videos. These are my thoughts and opinions and i won't get butt-hurt if you disagree. Just watch it, read it, listen to it, and like/reblog. Cause everything on this is something I think, I've experienced, or want to. check my tags; Lessons, quotes, and music.

A crown of laurel without death

Through Him, we can do anything. Nothing is impossible.

(he’s blind and still playing the drums like a boss)

Depression is real, i understand this. But it sucks that someone who has so much life can only see the negatives. you can SPEAK your mind and WALK your ass wherever you want. In my opinion, at the end of the day, I’ll always thank God for at least these two things. But I guess it’s not enough for everyone

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Even though I’ve known you for years and I feel like I know everything about you, it makes me happy realizing I really don’t. Most people are afraid of change cause it has the potential to tear people apart. I love change cause it pulls me closer to you.

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Went off to San Diego with some linebros for a random vacation, so random to me that they didn’t tell me anything except it’s in San Diego. Ended up staying in downtown SD at the Westin, going bar hopping friday and saturday night, hiking at Three Sisters trail, and trying some new food at Lolitas and Broken Yolk Cafe. Best part of the weekend was the real talks we had.

Reminiscing on the past and making plans for the future. It’s interesting how even our conversations have changed. Our goals and aspirations are so different from what they were when we first met, so much more higher, yet just as attainable. We’ve definitely matured…. well, for the most part.

Over the past few years, I’ve made a pretty good amount of money with stocks and mutual funds. This year, I’ve started my roth IRA, two 403b’s (one pre-tax and one post-tax) and sold off a taxable mutual fund, and increased my credit to almost 800. It’s become a great interest to me to finance my future and to make my money make money. I’ve been reading up a few stocks that I feel might be coming up in the next 5-10 years and then I hear about the next upcoming $0 commission stock trading called “Robinhood”. Been reading up on it and it sounds legit, enough for google to back it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to sign up since it’s free, whats the worst thing that could happen? They’ll e-mail me… and I’ll block or unsubscribe if I end up not wanting to follow through. $0 commission trading would open up and allow anyone to start trading and I’d suggest you get on the list just in case you have any interest in it.

Yesterday, i had a completely different situation in the ICU. I had a patient on the max allowed dosage of propofol, but unfortunately it didn’t knock him out enough, i was told during report that he would thrash around and try to pull the tube out of his mouth. So I walk into the room and this guy was writing notes to his wife and even acknowledged me, also occasionally reaching towards the tube. I trusted this man, but I was told not to let him loose from his wrist restraints. First thing I did? Let him loose. First thing he did? Scratch his damn nose. That’s all he wanted? fuhhhhhh

He thanked me and I spent most of the day just coming in to check on him and crack a few jokes (it’s pretty rare to get a completely conscious and pain-free patient in the ICU) so it was nice to finally hear some sarcasm. At the end of the day, he wrote a note saying thanks and that when he’s off his medications, he’ll still remember me. Not because of my name (He kept calling me Lawrence of Olivier cause of the actor), but because of what I’ve done for him. He wrote that this was the worst night/day of his life and I made it better, making sure to encourage me to continue doing what I’m doing. He said that it may just be a regular day to me, but to my patients, it’s a struggle just to get through it.

He passed it to me with a fist bump and then told his wife to give me his card. Apparently, he’s a big name in a very popular, yet childish amusement park. But i denied it and asked him if i can keep the note instead. Before I Ieft, I told him I won’t forget him either and hopefully I’ll see him under different circumstances in the future.


gonna work out forever now.

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Parents protect their kids from a lot of things. But they have to stop protecting them from failure. The fear of failure is so scary to most people, that they don’t even try.

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If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Strive to learn.

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We’ve become such a visually-dependent generation that I fear the newer generations won’t know how to fully express themselves without taking a selfie. I mean they’ll be able to say how they feel, but won’t be able to describe it. Words are going to die and literally be forgotten.

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It’s okay to leave things unfinished as long as you come back to it.

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Claim things. If you want to achieve something, or earn something, claim it. It let’s others know exactly what you want and hopefully some of those people can pull strings or push you towards your goal.

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you got to learn to speak up, especially when something is wrong. Letting a mistake slip through the cracks is just as bad as starting it.

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by miyu-chan

Sometimes you have to step up so, as a group, you don’t fall back.

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