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My name's Lawrence Atanacio. Born in the Philippines, raised in Hawaii (Kapolei) and Southern Cali (Harbor City). I like to find ways to better myself in any aspect on the daily. I believe in reasoning life with questions; not 'why', but 'why not?'. Blah blah blah, i'm your very typical kid. But if you wanna get to know me, ask me questions, anonymous or not and i'll most likely answer.

I made this tumblr to express myself, whether in the form of rants, quotes, music or videos. These are my thoughts and opinions and i won't get butt-hurt if you disagree. Just watch it, read it, listen to it, and like/reblog. Cause everything on this is something I think, I've experienced, or want to. check my tags; Lessons, quotes, and music.

A crown of laurel without death

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Skeletal Creatures Carved Out Of Everyday Objects

Artist - Maskull Lasserre 

this is ART !! I’m really impressed

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Burning Man by West on Monday, September 9th, 2013

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Tugboat Printshop “DESERT ISLAND” woodcut via Turecepcja.

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Gavin Worth makes his sculptures out of steel wire by bending them into freestanding line drawings. Watch a video of the process here.

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i honestly need snowboarding back in my life already

i honestly need snowboarding back in my life already

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Shadow art

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Harry Blitzstein painting | colossal
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